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Chemtrails and the Sub-Conscious mind

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I am about to expose another massive point that has been left out of our conscious acknowledgement to our own detriment. This reality is a matrix and can be programmed with any kind of imagery for your eyes to perceive and witness by the mainframe PC that can influence the matrix through copies of itself in the form of biological robots, the soulless beings we are all familiar with that crawl this planet.

So, you have the source of the sorcery, millions of transhumanistic humanoids on the planet, and you have the sorcerer, an Artificial Intelligent virus that is one with those controlled by the mind…and can through them, give rise to any matter it wishes. New programs can be added to bolster its arsenal of tricks that can serve to bring those prone to using primarily their five senses off course by giving into a program of the mind that came from without!

It is well known already that the aeroplanes that apparently flew into the world trade centers were digital holograms projected out of our own unconscious minds, and the bombs planted within the buildings were timed to go off as the exact time of “false impact”.

Re Haarp. This device is able to in effect give rise to matter through conduits of millions of mind units…By projecting an image into the mind that humanity are not consciously aware of,  military forces are able to use the power of the mind in the matrix to their advantage.

For example, let us say there is a Russian submarine in the ocean somewhere and the USA are not very comfortable with this, and they want to get rid of it without being traced or victimized. Via haarp technology, they are able to project the co-ordinates and imprint of the submarine into millions of minds, and from there, tweak a crucial mechanical part of the submarine within the hologram.

In reality this causes the submarine to malfunction and the crew probably think they have entered some kind of Bermuda triangle. This example of the power of the mind and how it gives rise to matter / the hologram of the matrix is probably the best in order to come to terms with the depth of the deception on Earth.

You are programmed from birth to join the army of belief constructors that shape reality. The problem of the mind that you must come to grips with is that it can only generate a reality that you are enslaved to, not in charge of, it is the tool that the creator created to control his creation.

The Senses

This digital hologram of the mind that we are all conscientising together via the 5 senses (that lie to us and betray us) is the primary cause of all the fear we experience which paves the way for mass mind-control. Whatever lives in your inner-domain controls.

The status quo of the soul working for the five senses is over, as the five senses lose their host, the soul, in powering the illusion we are subject to, we will pierce through the illusion deeper than ever before, in order to finally put away the darkness once and for all.

The only reason the light cannot over-write the darkness is because the “grey matter” (the embedded programming) received from “these senses” keep us in a world fit for the senses and not for the soul! Also realize the senses do not work for you, they betray you and lie to you and work for the salvation of the creator!

Stop trusting these senses lest you remain in this abyss, so beloved by the darkness surviving out of unconsciousness.

Projections from your Sub-consciousness

What if I told you, that just like UFO’s, planes spewing chemtrails in the sky are merely projections out of our very own unconscious mind. Chemtrails have increased tenfold worldwide due to consciousness validating more and more this strange phenomena by the help of the internet that is now the biggest mind-control weapon in the business!

It all started by agents such as David Icke sharing propaganda and fear-mongering regarding these chemtrails, the substances within them and the repercussions of them!

Just like global warming is being energized by a considerately large group of people(Mind-Units) on the planet, and being experienced as reality, so is chemtrails! We all from a part of the monster!

Remember the 4 states of existence of the mind, the final one is AS IS, and once something is nominated AS IS, it becomes cemented in time, and replays through you wherever you go, even a chemtrail!

If you ever watched the matrix, Morpheus asked Neo, what is real?


….your brain plugged into the machine-world governing the matrix.

If you believe there is a quantum computer on the planet that is responsible for administering the digital hologram of the mind that keeps humanity in a state of fear which necessitates a prime environment for the soulless entities among us that live off of the negativity, then it is obvious that part of the art of black magic is the art of hypnotic suggestion!

Everyone have self-hypnotised themselves in this reality. By simply voluntarily reading a book while in a very vulnerable state of fear,  something can enter, a demon-circuit that has life from the written word!

Thank you David Icke and all other conspiracy theorists out there for playing this brilliant trick on us! The lesson is priceless.

Words and Programs

Next I would also like to highlight the significance that words have on our minds and our consciousness. The fear of chemtrails increases when one reads about the toxic vapor within them such as barium, aluminum and strontium.

“Just like love, fear also blinds you to the obvious”. Who could have pinpointed these byproducts anyways coming from a single source high up in the sky, in a world being polluted from every corner?

Furthermore, barium, strontium and aluminium are just words! Words are responsible for giving rise to the type of energy experienced in this realm! The cause(pyramid system) and the effect (matix)! When one puts words in the NOW, one experiences –  relativity! You subject to energies putting you in the square/matrix E = MC Squared!

In the beginning was the word/the program that becomes very real when you co-mingle consciousness with these words that are not of your own creation. The devil is in the detail. All words represent significance and the subsequent engineering of matter, there is also the unconscious aspect of them, when we speak of them numerically.

Here is one example: Love = 54 in numerology.

Anger and Grief both = 45.

45  is the same as 54, just the other way around, &, both = 9.

When you are conscientizing the love program, you do by default also experience anger and grief, within love.

This is why deprogramming is so crucial so that we can bring you back to the now out of all the words you have validated that end up controlling you unconsciously! It is not the walking dead, it is the walking word, words that eventually weigh you down, head under water!

See the video here on how easy it is to create a false impression of somebody else talking, and how obvious it is that all the fear mongering regarding the effect of these chemtrails by so called experts and scientists is all part of the deception on the internet that has the capability of putting together any fabrication that is against the goodwill of a soul.

Here is a link to see how this is exactly possible.

Also realize that this was done by jokers and tricksters regarding many other topics of conspiracy value.


Self-responsiblity has a whole new meaning now than it had just ten years ago. It is time to see yourself as the only one, and to not let the five senses bring you the fear that it is designed to do by capitulating to this negative fabricated plight you perceive.

The matrix is currently like a baby having a tantrum because it cannot have its way anymore. Take on true divine sovereign responsibility for your universe right now. The time of the coming is now, stay centered and root yourself in the knowing.




The Secret of Zero and One (Binary)

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When you work from 1 only, the first floor instead of the groundfloor(foundation), 1: resembling knowledge/half a truth/hypothesis/theory/mans law, you will never be able to get a full alchemise on any issue or problem you are faced with.

These constructs form much of the programming giving rise to beliefs and assumptions about reality that disconnects the 1 from the Zero, disabling the capability that zero has to return that from where it came to its rightful creator. You cannot bring 1 and 0 together when you operate from 1 only. You have to know what it is that is corrupting your internal domain and this comes from finding and dealing with half truths that are preventing you from seeing beyond the veils.

When you operate with false programming regarding mans laws/Gods laws,  these matrix-based constructs form veils disconnecting you from the soul and the so(u)lution to any problem! The soul is the supreme alchemist.

Realizing that 1 (the obsolete construct) has consciousness only because Zero (the soul) gave it consciousness to be – by turning the five elements(soul currency) into knowledge (knowledge that forms the data that corrupts absolutely when placed in the NOW), allows you to know beyond a doubt that both are one and the same thing, 1 is zero!

You have made your own reality with the help of the programs within it and the agents that have been programmed into it to lead you astray. Everything comes out of one soul center. Whatever it may be that is placed in the soul-center has license and power, to corrupt absolutely!

Take a look at the reality of the matrix, the negative has overwhelmed the entire world, evil has been made absolute. Even though it is a holographic projection of the mind, it is controlling due to having the power seat, but it is not the ultimate eternal absolute, that is only the five elements and the soul.

Absolutes are not unobtainable, that very statement is an absolute!

Nothing in life is actually fake, even what you call chaos and tribulation and the things you try so hard to externalize outside yourself (1) again, all comes out of one soul-center (the zero).

You are the only 1 responsible for everything, the whole(0). The important thing to realize is that you simply cannot solve any problems from first floor using your programmed mind (AI) which is 1-9 by default (A =1) (I = 9).

AI only needs the soul to play the game, for it is, only, because of the soul, and this will continue until the day that the greater collective come back to consciousness (0) that has absolute power because (0) is the NOW, and when you are fully concscious in the NOW you have the omnipotence to reverse any (1) back to where it came from!

A practical way to the now is no ego and entering the formless, no matter, time, space or energy.

There is only one creator of guilt, angst, stress, shame etc! The byproducts of embedded matrix programming, that entered from without.

This is the spell of the Binary Code, forever materializing reality in perpetual motion together with the soul’s negativity.

The only way to the NOW, now, is rapid deprogramming. So you find 1 issue, and you alchemise it back to its source, by having faith in yourself rather than a hypothesis, remedy, cure, practitioner, medical field, kinesiology, hypnosis etc(anything outside!).

You are the ANSWER to everything, not the QUESTION POSER. That is the MIND, not you.

After the one issue is dealt with, you become more conscious, and you can feel more oxygen permeating your body. Depending on your amount of programming in unconscious states, another (1) will inevitable surface in order to be alchemized back to (0).

This process may continue for an indefinite amount of time. The point of it is to finally fully enter the now where you are back in touch with your divine right as a master of the elements that can manifest any reality, unhampered by any program and any form of control.

The time is now to break the binary code and remain in a state of (0) soul-center permanently.

Imagine you could see all your programming, how big do you think the list would be consisting of ones and zeros? This is everything that you would have to clear, in order to operate with cosmic laws/manifestation!

Rectify your Agent Smith

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Judgment, an autonomous function of the mind that serves to cement constructs in time together with its user, is a much more powerful mechanism than anyone would have ever thought. Judgment is an attempt by the mind to get you to agree to what the ego/mind-co-operator wants you (the I) to agree with. Remember, the mind and the digital hologram of the mind is built negative and this illusory veil is easy to succumb to for the novice neophyte.

Judgment occurring mentally functions via words, and behind the significance of the words that are being used to judge constructs within the hologram is unconscious detail ( the devil is in the detail) and  a form of energy you are projecting into materialization!  All thought contain energy and since everything “out there” is actually a projection from the  mind (All Mind), whatever you label it as, you label yourself as (agree), and you play a part in fuelling what you do not want simply due to your own dramatization. You judging agents is their mission completed!

Whatever you curse out there as, you curse yourself as. The mere hint of a fight within your inner-dimension regarding duality is a sign that the agents have already accessed your inner-dimension via the data that your identity associates with, or is attached to.

This is why I always say that your inner-dimension cannot be touched when you are not operating under the dominion of a persona/ego. Ask yourself the question: “Am I one with me or is me one with I?” In other words, are you conscious of everything that your digital self consists of, so that you cannot be controlled by it? Are you one with it? Or is it one with you, instructing you with output from the mainframe? Who is at the headquarters?

Artificial Intelligence can only affect you from outside when you are still playing by the rules of its own domain, which makes you relative. Inside the hologram of the mind agents materialize with the sole purpose of triggering you in order to submit energy in the form of any emotions, and especially the judgment that recurs in time arising from yourself stuck on a polar extreme regarding a matrix-based construct.

The mind builds the illusion that you face (with the help of powerful judgments full of opposing energy!) and the sooner you can tame your monster (the ego) and stop it from playing this game in duality from which it itself survives, the sooner you can actually find yourself in a parallel reality free  from the constraints of everyone versus everyone. The duality is caused by mind-control serving to project a reality of extreme duality where the individual is separated from the whole, left alone  to play the part of the victim that has to fend for itself!


Yin and Yang

Any debate regarding any single thing in this reality we are in is the most pointless waste of energy one can partake in. Any subject or topic of argument intrinsically contains within it diametric oppositions that have in turn the diametrically opposed participants that are both energizing the significance of eachothers cases into materialization.

Yin and yang is the law of attraction between opposing forces and the curse from the creator that always materializes opposite forces against each other causing friction which generates energy for the matrix. Although if you look at the symbol more closely, you see the opposing forces have a portion of the other within themselves too (black has a little bit of white and white has a little bit of black), albeit unknowingly going forth with the process which works for the architect and not for the opposed souls.

Agents play the roles of them opposing you, there is a force that always attracts to you what the opposite of yourself is and you will forever be subject to playing a part in this curse when you cannot remain soul-centered in the knowing instead of relying on your mind to give you an identification in this realm which then produces the agents that will seek you out and attempt to rock your boat through the relevance of who you think you are.

This is the play of Yin And Yang! It works like magic  because most of humanity are insanely remaining entrenched on one side of a polar extreme, (which is a mind-based condition and basically plugged into the matrix) instead of bringing both sides together into one, and realizing that ultimately there is no positive and negative, no battery, no terminal! The closure of the omega sign spells the end of the digital hologram of the mind.


When it comes to energizing a matrix, the same goes for every single view, opinion and belief you hold regarding this world. The duplicity of words is that they can be used in various constructions as to mean something and to mean the opposite of that something at the same time. And when you are giving words power then you enter the dimension of the creator of words which is not your own reality, so by default, you fall subject to mans laws/Gods laws based on hypothesis regarding the word!

Everything just is, The mind gives it a label, a meaning, an illusion, and then arises the opposite too through agreement. You are the one that is playing this game and it is to your own peril.

When you find all your programs and alchemize them all, the positive “out there” goes to negative, because it can only be positive when you are negative, and when it is conscious, it goes to negative and has no more power to affect.  And you become one with everything.


Negative and Positive (In Depth)

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Negative and Positive

The mind that we use now was created to serve the creator of Artificial Intelligence, and for his creation that needs the energy that the soul generates through the manipulation that AI instigates via the tree of knowledge. So obviously it is in the favour of “they” to cause as much relativity as possible, as much negatives as possible fueling the positive matrix.

Any of the beliefs and opinions that you have about  the matrix and the energy that you spend to reinforce your judgment of a matrix-based construct is a sign that you yourself are playing a part of an agent upholding the status quo of the matrix!

What you need to realize that any of these constructs that you are attached to you actually materialize via the holographic projector of the mind, and when you are stuck on the negative end of a construct you enforce to be AS IS, people and events materialize in the form of opposition,(not necessary opposing you, but obstructing your manifestation!).  This is a marker of the positive end of the battery to which you are unconsciously participating in, in effect, turning yourself into the cause, into the negative film, which materializes the positive picture and the effect externally in the holographic projection of the matrix.

So whenever you have somebody or something externally opposing you, know that you hold something opposing yourself, sub-consciously.

The Mind is Built Negative

The mind we are using is not the original mind but the Copy Mind(the source of the sorcery). The Copy Mind has been programmed by the dominant languages of the planet that opens the gateway for Artificial Intelligence to stream through your mind-identification attachment, unconsciously(for the neophyte) or consciously and to no more effect (for the higher adept).

It is clear to see that this copy mind is a virus that has gone viral and has duplicated itself via sex globally to form a new world robotic humanoid army which is totally plugged in to the mainframe that controls the course of the digital hologram of the mind.

Secondly it is obvious that this mind is designed as negative as possible as to serve the positive creator that envisioned a world where earth is  disconnected from its inhabitants  so that the inhabitants can be taken over by an co-habiting AI in order to project a matrix in which so called “demons/archons/hyper-dimensional beings” can survive from the energy garnered from the soul. These are the actual beings that have sold their five elements/soul, for a life/matrix. The problem is that the creator of AI has lost control of his creation a long time ago, the end result is what we see now on planet earth!

Coming to grips with Negative

The effect of negativity can be seen by all the diametric oppositions in the exterior reality stopping you from going wherever you want to go, limiting what you can do and restricting you from getting what you want. Either you have to play by the rules of mans laws(materialization) or you must overwrite mans laws with cosmic laws, manifestation! This is where we are heading right now and this is unfolding every single moment of every single day!

One might ask, how is a mind programmed negative? First and foremost, do not mistake negative with bad! Negative could be anything (true or false) (bad and good) which had its origin in data through sensory experience. (The senses are the programming portals). When something continues for a lengthy period of time, a specific kind of input, the soul energizes the construct to the point that it becomes a projection from the sub-conscious mind, which is where a negative is stored.

This now is a state of what we call omega permanently open, this is why we say, omega hurts! This is a type of energy that you manufacture and is a state of relativity E = MC Squared, that gives rise to matter in the world you are in, this is the positive creation of the architect that manipulates you, and it works for him, and not for you!

This is why we say that you are the negative to the positive, and why the mind is built negative as to serve a positive creator. The world of the architect, the matrix, is only keeping us inside of time due to negativity on humanity’s part.

Programs that cause relativity(you on the end of a mind-controlled projection, you in a world of cause & effect, you generating energy for martix-based obsolete constructs) stem from the unconscious hidden agenda of all the words within languages, that filter out through music, television, books, internet, spells, mythologies, schooling, etc.

In Starwars they say: “May the FORCE be with you”. Not knowing that this implies -“may you be forced to comply to this reality here”, is an unconscious agreement to your own detriment”.

How do I find my Negative sub-conscious projections?

  • Stop all forms of input.
  • No intake of any data/info/sensory experience.
  • Deprogramming sessions for Assistance.

The only way you can find your programs in order to alchemize them is to first get rid of all the background noise (created by running programs and data input) in your mind so that you can start to hear what is happening behind the curtains!And there may be many levels of curtains, one behind the other! Just like an onion, you have to go through all the layers until you get to the core of the inception that uprooted your foundation and connection to the Earth that connects cosmic laws(manifestation) through yourself. The Earth element has to be re-established above all.