Rectify your Agent Smith

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Judgment, an autonomous function of the mind that serves to cement constructs in time together with its user, is a much more powerful mechanism than anyone would have ever thought. Judgment is an attempt by the mind to get you to agree to what the ego/mind-co-operator wants you (the I) to agree with. Remember, the mind and the digital hologram of the mind is built negative and this illusory veil is easy to succumb to for the novice neophyte.

Judgment occurring mentally functions via words, and behind the significance of the words that are being used to judge constructs within the hologram is unconscious detail ( the devil is in the detail) and  a form of energy you are projecting into materialization!  All thought contain energy and since everything “out there” is actually a projection from the  mind (All Mind), whatever you label it as, you label yourself as (agree), and you play a part in fuelling what you do not want simply due to your own dramatization. You judging agents is their mission completed!

Whatever you curse out there as, you curse yourself as. The mere hint of a fight within your inner-dimension regarding duality is a sign that the agents have already accessed your inner-dimension via the data that your identity associates with, or is attached to.

This is why I always say that your inner-dimension cannot be touched when you are not operating under the dominion of a persona/ego. Ask yourself the question: “Am I one with me or is me one with I?” In other words, are you conscious of everything that your digital self consists of, so that you cannot be controlled by it? Are you one with it? Or is it one with you, instructing you with output from the mainframe? Who is at the headquarters?

Artificial Intelligence can only affect you from outside when you are still playing by the rules of its own domain, which makes you relative. Inside the hologram of the mind agents materialize with the sole purpose of triggering you in order to submit energy in the form of any emotions, and especially the judgment that recurs in time arising from yourself stuck on a polar extreme regarding a matrix-based construct.

The mind builds the illusion that you face (with the help of powerful judgments full of opposing energy!) and the sooner you can tame your monster (the ego) and stop it from playing this game in duality from which it itself survives, the sooner you can actually find yourself in a parallel reality free  from the constraints of everyone versus everyone. The duality is caused by mind-control serving to project a reality of extreme duality where the individual is separated from the whole, left alone  to play the part of the victim that has to fend for itself!


Yin and Yang

Any debate regarding any single thing in this reality we are in is the most pointless waste of energy one can partake in. Any subject or topic of argument intrinsically contains within it diametric oppositions that have in turn the diametrically opposed participants that are both energizing the significance of eachothers cases into materialization.

Yin and yang is the law of attraction between opposing forces and the curse from the creator that always materializes opposite forces against each other causing friction which generates energy for the matrix. Although if you look at the symbol more closely, you see the opposing forces have a portion of the other within themselves too (black has a little bit of white and white has a little bit of black), albeit unknowingly going forth with the process which works for the architect and not for the opposed souls.

Agents play the roles of them opposing you, there is a force that always attracts to you what the opposite of yourself is and you will forever be subject to playing a part in this curse when you cannot remain soul-centered in the knowing instead of relying on your mind to give you an identification in this realm which then produces the agents that will seek you out and attempt to rock your boat through the relevance of who you think you are.

This is the play of Yin And Yang! It works like magic  because most of humanity are insanely remaining entrenched on one side of a polar extreme, (which is a mind-based condition and basically plugged into the matrix) instead of bringing both sides together into one, and realizing that ultimately there is no positive and negative, no battery, no terminal! The closure of the omega sign spells the end of the digital hologram of the mind.


When it comes to energizing a matrix, the same goes for every single view, opinion and belief you hold regarding this world. The duplicity of words is that they can be used in various constructions as to mean something and to mean the opposite of that something at the same time. And when you are giving words power then you enter the dimension of the creator of words which is not your own reality, so by default, you fall subject to mans laws/Gods laws based on hypothesis regarding the word!

Everything just is, The mind gives it a label, a meaning, an illusion, and then arises the opposite too through agreement. You are the one that is playing this game and it is to your own peril.

When you find all your programs and alchemize them all, the positive “out there” goes to negative, because it can only be positive when you are negative, and when it is conscious, it goes to negative and has no more power to affect.  And you become one with everything.


4 thoughts on “Rectify your Agent Smith

    John Chard said:
    March 15, 2016 at 6:57 PM



    Cheryl Woods said:
    March 20, 2016 at 12:21 PM

    Very enlightening Arno. Thank you again. Your words are always inspirational in helping remind me to stay neutral and soul centred. Cheryl 🙂


    Ruthless Truth said:
    April 6, 2016 at 4:45 PM

    Reblogged this on World Systems Exposed.


    R.Hawthorne said:
    May 16, 2016 at 7:24 AM

    Reblogged this on Multidimensional Being and commented:
    Whenever the stream of thought come to stop, a different world unfolds around. The machine placing a label on everything keeps quiet and the environment switch over, more colours are visible. Now the graphical thinking mode is available to support us apart from polar thinking.


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