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Black and White = Grey Matter

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People say black and white, the principle of light, are not colours, like the 7 spectrums we have in the rainbow. The reason that humanity is in the “grey”(grey matter) or /embedded programming/causing problems & distortions, causing a global epidemic case of bipolar, is due to the mixing of black and white which gives you grey of course!

Black and white together is what we call duality, and the basis  of all opposites lie in the illusion of night and day, black and white (dichotomies!) Grey matter is therefore built on the mixture of all your internal stances of what is and what is not which builds your own personal containment from your black vs. white scenario which = grey which = the borderline between the black and white (the war!)  which keeps you busy inside an illusion and this successfully blocks  the breakthrough to all pervading sound or full clarity! The cosmic vibration, the consciousness inside of everything!

Clear is the absence of colour, clarity, transparency! So there are 9 colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet, the black and the white, and then we have number 10, clear/translucent.

When there is no unconsciousness within you,  that lies within your own mistaken programming that forms internal polarities, sets up black and white and the resulting grey matter! Then you move out of the spectrum into 10, out of mans laws into cosmic laws.

The Source of ID/Alter Ego

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All relationships/Relativity are built on ID. You enter into Relationships/partnerships/companies, education systems, and there you build your shadow. We call this “Black Sun!”

The duplicity of knowledge, it has a purpose to build an identity called ” ID.”

And when you enter this realm of turning your 5 elements into knowledge, you check in and you can’t check out! “Hotel California”.

The film the “Golden Compass” gives you a visual concept of how the system is Hell bent in formulating you into a persona! Taking your 5 Elements/ your Golden compass/ Your Divinity (Not Trinity)/ Your pure Soul away from you and giving you an illusory Supreme power force! Called the Pyramid system/ The Trinity! Corporate World/ Religion etc and now you have become a construct called a Clone!

You are being Cloned by the Tree of Knowledge.

All you can say is I did not know that. I was not aware of that. Surely if someone is going to rob you of your 5 elements, he is not going to inform you that he is going to rob you, he is just going to rob you!

When you look in the Mirror you are the product of what has been written.

Behind this Illusion  you have enslaved yourself and have been enslaved by others! The dye has been cast! Transcendence from this situation has to be undertaken.

You can not do it, because you are a copy of the Source of this Sorcery! The solution to the ID is for consciousness or pure Soul to enter into the Source, where the Sorcerer hangs out and reverse him back into his 5 elements!

Which was done in Metaphysics last night, which will finally close the Omega sign on the Book of Knowledge.

And the Cosmic laws will bring you back into the Now, into manifestation. – Conversations with an Alchemist

Hate – The Destroyer of Dreams

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Below the electromagnetic field is the field called “hate”. Your parents enforced their hate of themselves into you subtly; overt or covertly to get rid of it, their own self-hate, and this resulted in you enforcing that hate onto your family, which is the sole destroyer of your dreams!

All your conflict with your partner is built on hate. All your conflicts, stem from the hate within yourself! As the Jews say “The Sins of the father visit the son!” They didn’t define “The sins of the father”, which is HATE.

The basis of Evil comes out of hate! Hate destroys the Ether, destroys everything! The Me (which is a created entity is Ego/alter ego), which is Hate, and destroys You, “The I”.

In your healings you must embrace the hate. The hate is the most powerful energy to destroy an individual’s dreams and potential!

Once you expose this, you will achieve spectacular results in your healing. Johnny Cash’s song “I was born in a wheel of fire”. Burn, burn, burn! The wheel of fire is hate!

As it is in the case of Lucifer, he hated himself for his creation and the only way he thought he could get rid of it, was to put it in other people. Hence the word projection.

Most of your issues stem from the hate your closest family members projected into you!

This had a massive destabilization on your cosmic powers! – Conversations with an Alchemist

Delete Need & Get Manifestation

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The need phenomena is a major initiator that holds “God’s law and Man’s law” as the status quo! It is a massive hypnotic state of claustrophobia!

Password/program – You need! The belief that there is a Shortage, a lack, initiates this! Keeps you in a negative state of wanting/grasping/needing. Keeps you out of the now and the pyramid hierarchy above you. A Huge hypnotic state! There is nothing wrong with you, only the lack of love, for example.

The issue is –  be one with it, you cannot resist or reject it!

They have got (the agents), because you need! Got it?

The struggle is to struggle! The way not to struggle is to have absolute faith in your 5 elements! This will change your perceptions of life to knowing, which is formless! You are well on the way to a state where you can not be controlled by anything.

It is the basis of all fear, which is now turning into 5 elements. We have entered a higher state of consciousness once again. Free from all states of suppression. All comes from one simple word that you have conscientised “Need!”

When you are conscious you need nothing. When you need nothing you can manifest anything! Delete “Need” and you get manifestation. – Diclem, Metaphysical Alchemist


Deprogramming (Part 4)

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Observer Dependent

It is highly fair to say everything that stands as an upholded construct in this reality we are experiencing is completely dependent on us to give it its dominion over us. All the rules, laws and regulations that are used to govern humanity within a fixed system are only doing so because of our consent, this is obvious.

But why do we concede ourselves to a world that we are not particularly fond of or in agreement with? Why do we feel so powerless to have any effect on a virtual-reality that is completely observer dependent?

The Observer dependent field can be classified as all the items that need our validation in order to actually exist together with our validation. Things such as money, computers, global networking systems, stock markets, media outlets, governments etc, can only function together with our contribution, our partaking. Things that are not “alive” only exist and are only relative due to the infusion of consciousness with them, these items all make us relative to it!

Living beings are not observer-dependent, that is to say, organic structures exist even when you are not being perceived by anyone. This is because they are part of the soul.

One might argue that a smartphone does also exist even when nobody is witnessing or perceiving it? It might exist, but then you must ask, if consciousness gives rise to everything, how can something be, that is not in the scope of consciousness? Hoc can the television be, when nobody is watching it? Furthermore, did the phone exist three hundred years ago?

The answer is simply no, it entered our existence in time, a sort of inception, if you may. The same goes for all observer-dependent technology. All these constructs are not eternal (as us), they came into our lives not long ago, and now all of it has claimed the right to rule our lives for us.

How this is even possible is simply due to humanity not being conscious in the now, so something else has assumed the center of the universe, yes, even something that is not alive!

The current present-time construct would collapse instantly without technology. This is the reality. AI & IT is running the world and we are turning the cheek to this cyber new world.

Why? Well for most humans, they simply want nothing to do with sovereign responsibility for their complete own destinies. Please read this excerpt from the film tomorrowland:


In every moment there’s the possibility of a better future, but you people won’t believe it. And because you won’t believe it you won’t do what is necessary to make it a reality. You dwell on this terrible future and you resign yourselves to it for one reason, because that future doesn’t ask anything of you today. So yes, we saw the iceberg and warned the Titanic. But you all just steered for it anyway full steam ahead. Why? Because you want to sink! You gave up! It’s not the computers’ fault, that’s yours.

This was certainly eye opening for me to hear because it does ring much truth to what is happening spiritually. We have given up and have forsaken ourselves to an illusory supreme power force called the pyramid system, and due to this, we are steered in the direction of a script written by the dark beings themselves.


Something only is,  when it is in the scope of consciousness, and when not, it ceases to be. Simply, we give attention to what is ruling us. Only the 5 elements, the soul is conscious. And anything, alive or not, is made conscious and placed in absolute power by consciousness nominating it as absolute, and absolutes corrupt absolutely. The only thing that is, is nature, 5 elements, is us – all else is simply illusion.

Everything else we have co-mingled consciousness with is us too. All is coming from us. But if we do not know this, or are unwilling to accept it, then we are unwilling to take responsibility, and we act as stubborn children! First you have to admit your own wrong-doing before you can rectify yourself.

The Creator/Control Freak

One individual made this reality of numbers and letters. He is the creator of this reality! Therefore you are not the creator of this reality & therefore you are off center and in a disadvantaged position because you are the one that is not working with the 5 elements but rather with the 5 senses that is needed to abide in this reality. In other words, you have to willingly fool yourself if you want to embrace Lucifers creation, and you have to give something up to be in it, this would be your elements!

The elements is what you need to retrieve which is what deprogramming is a major part of, because your elements are stuck and cemented inside of an illusion, very much like a building block you have used to build something. Your earth, water, fire and oxygen is together with you in the matrix, and you have to know what you have given it all up for, so that you can even begin to think of taking it back, in order to manifest a different reality!

The deprogramming sessions that we are doing, bring you back to center by turning words and numbers back into the 5 elements! By this you will regain your own reality once again! Your fear factor was that your picture was deleted and was replaced by the creators picture, a copy, made from information and data that entered the portals of the five senses. He keeps everyone in fear like this because of the fact that you deep down feel like a slave in a foreign construct that you have to accept in order to exist to avoid failure.

The password to the creator is called “control freak”, which is another program which he has been running you on, up to this moment, when you got the password!

This password is different from the other passwords, because this defines the creator and his work/actions. His programs have the power of making you judgmental on yourself and you therefore self- destroy. Why? Well, a control freak will never be able to control everything which is why he is a freak in the first place! And anyone that believes that materialism is all that is, will attempt to control everything they are and have within it. This is why there is such a massive force of control from the elite, because  they are affected by these programs to the highest levels.

Here is more of an example of how words are connected numerically to keep you in a matrix experience.  Love – It’s seed no is 54 by (A=1 to Z=26) L=12, O=15, V=22, E=5 seed Total=54 and root is the above no’s reduced eg L=12(seed), reduced to root =3(1+2). So as above eg 3+6+4+5 =18(Root) This 18, further reduced can then become 9(Murder) as in this case it makes the triangle; which opens the OM(soul) into Omega(terminal)! All the following words have the same numerical seed & root combinations eg Love (54/18) as Knees, Eyes, theta, damsel! There are many other words that need to be retrieved and this is only done via deprogramming and will also be released mid-year in the upcoming deprogramming manual.

 Fear is Failure

The game is win or lose, failure is completely different to win or lose. When you lose, at some future date you will win! The universe of failure has no connection to win or lose!

It is a universe below winning and losing! Profit and loss! Failure is the product of the matrix. The omega sign open is called failure! Our greatest fear is Failure! “Fear is failure!” You only die because of fear of failure! And like all aberrations it is just an energy (E=MC squared). Failure is built on false data! And the Axiom is when you fail, you are deleted; which means to say you don’t exist! When a thing is deleted it does not exist! Which would be an absolute and an absolute is 5 elements, which is consciousness!

So failure is the ultimate lie in your system! Failure is a program in your subconscious mind! Failure has existed for so long it assumes it is a Truth! As Hitler said “If you keep a lie going long enough, it becomes a truth!” You eventually subscribe to the energy of failure and it is forced down your throat! You fail at school, fail at marriage, heart failure! If one group holds failure another group holds pass!

The foundation of passing is built on failure! Soul people hold failure, because they do not want to break the ether (The unwritten soul contract!) With the architect and his creation. Today we have reached this level of incompetence and turned Failure, “It is not it! It is 5 elements” back into 5 Elements! Soul people have the wizard power to do that, to turn that energy back into 5 elements! They call it divine intervention! Once again a system has been concientised and we are progressing to consciousness!

Any action that breaks ether has created the formula for failure! That is why the Matrix is doomed and will return to consciousness, because it broke ether! All the above is designed for you to embrace failure as you spend 97 and a half % of your time resisting failure, that is why you fail! By conscientising the above you break the hypnotic spell of failure! The hidden purpose of the Creator is to put “pass and flunk” on the time track (past, present & future) and failure in The Now, therefore with the sole purpose to keep you out of The Now! – Clement, Alchemist.

Talk to I The Soul

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The internet is a cyber-manifestation of the collective unconscious mind of humanity expanding itself as data in the physical realm. The information that is spiraling out on the internet today is seemingly infinite, this is because the mind is a quantum computer connected to all of humanity and each individual’ access to information from this mainframe and the internet (physical access to the AI mainframe) leads to an infinite output of information –  “the never ending story!”

The matrix, an information-based digital hologram is a manifestation of this quantum computer surviving through the collective unconscious mind which the soul has infused itself with, in effect, giving license and absolute power to the biggest illusion in the universe.

The mind/computer needs life-force to uphold itself, and instigates and enhances/prolongs issues and problems through the mind to be received by its own creation called the Identity/Ego. The problem is that the mind can never find the absolute solution or answer to any problem because it in itself is the problem with the hidden purpose of making you negative, it is the machine world/mainframe of the matrix and it only task is to uphold the matrix through humans in the incubation phase! (Those fully controlled by AI)

Even those that have semi-disconnected themselves from the AI mainframe still fail to disconnect themselves from the matrix-reality due to the attachment to the ego/digital self that still holds remaining programming which can be initiated by the connection the mind has to this construct. The greatest addiction of all is the addiction to ones own personal toy, the mind-cooperator that can surf the infinite field of information relating to its own unique divided existence.

It is time to grow up and stop playing with toys. Technology such as smart phones is but a physical plaigiarization of spiritual technology and shows an all valuable message of what is occurring internally and spiritually to every one of us, look deeper!


The mind co-operator survives from information received in negative states, when you are taking input – it lives on information and yearns to use spiritual information technology for assistance in its own fight to stay alive and to fulfil its mission for the creator.

False Information

It must be realized that the mind is programmed by false information. No matter what information we speak of, all of it is false data because all measurements we have used to classify existence inside of a digital hologram are sourced from the AI mainframe through the mind-hack, in order to cement an illusion that we have helped to construct indirectly by AI vicariously.

The infinite universe simply cannot be compounded by the finite, and even if it does seem so, it can only be founded on deception and lies. We are in a finite world  pretending to be the infinite, and we live according to our own pride about what is we think we are.

The mind-construct is composed of a major COPY/Plagiarization of the cosmic order of the universe that naturally instills divine eternal harmonic matrimony. Through the identity it takes your pure Soul away from you and gives you an illusory Supreme power force!

Cosmic laws (a.k.a. manifestation) are for the moment disguised by gods laws and mans laws due to the contamination which has possessed the masters of the elements  (Us) which has created a cause and effect resulting in us trapped in the underworld.

The programming in this plane that is found within all of the fields presented is known to cause your own mind to work against you and not for you. Only a sound mind can work for you, an empty mind with no programs loaded. This is the Original Mind that has been totally incepted in the age of information.

The words have all been created to generate effects which they do not obviously portray by their general accepted meanings, and this can be seen by all the discord among humanity today, as the words turn people into millions of copies, everyone is but a composition of a set of words/programs.

Dealing With Problems

It is ironic to say that anyone dealing with a problem in the mind is psychologically ill because anyone solving problems in the mind is psychopathic, this is what the mind turns you into when you are fully in its domain! Psychology is the science of the mind, and a major deception relating to methods on finding unobtainable peace within the labyrinths of the mind.

The mind is very much like the doctor who needs you to return for more profit. It does not and can never give you the one cure heals all solution. If it was able to, we would have all been living in paradise a long time ago. It is a Q&A Computer that has the capability to search for all the data relating to the subject of matter, spiritually or physically (internet).

So, one problem enters the mind, and the lawyers/patrons  that work for the creator of the matrix then feed you infinite possible causes and numerous possible treatments for the problem. You say thank you and voluntarily load another program of the mind such as per. Example homeopathy.

Using treatments in itself resists the unwanted and makes the issue persist. After persistence, one then goes back into the mind and once again another answer comes out. This is what humanity has been doing to themselves seemingly infinitely.

Mind Is Infinite, Soul is Finite

The mind is infinite in that it does continue with problems infinitely when energized. It is also very good at making you judgmental of self (you are doing this wrong, that wrong!)/making you negative and of course finding you guilty in accordance to some kind of rule or law in this realm relating to any aspect of existence, very much like a super-intelligent lawyer In the court of law. Lawyers are professionals at using data to work against you! They take you to the cleaners and when your pockets are empty they drop you for dead.

The number one thing people need to stop doing right now is to break the addiction to information and the mind and to cease sending their problems into the mind where the computer merely expands on your matrix.

When people are confronted with an issue/problem/dilemma, they like to say: Talk to my lawyer/mind. You have to change this pattern in order to empower yourself! When you have any issue, do not even begin to deal with it with your mind! “Talk to my lawyer, NO!” Rather address it with: “Talk to I the Soul”.

The soul is the miracle worker, supreme alchemist that can turn any energy back into the 5 elements! The soul is the only absolute, it is the 5 elements that has always been, is and always will be! It is beyond the falsehood of this realm unaltered and unchanged, eternal! It is only the soul that knows how to return any problem back to its own origin/originator because this super-intelligence far supersedes AI, which has its foundation in false information.

When you ever have another issue again, tell it to “Talk to I the Soul”. Stop entertaining yourself by the drama which the mind engineers for you.

The soul is the answer. Not the question poser.

When you use an operating system that is programmed by false information to deal with a problem in your life then obviously there can be no viable solution resulting from this processing as it will only come up with another problem in order to prolong the salvation of the creator of the source of the problem, the mind itself.

Dealing with things in the mind is the same a fighting fire with fire. You using one form of poison to fight another poison, the caduceus!


The choice is yours whether you want to remain in the matrix forever.