Delete Need & Get Manifestation

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The need phenomena is a major initiator that holds “God’s law and Man’s law” as the status quo! It is a massive hypnotic state of claustrophobia!

Password/program – You need! The belief that there is a Shortage, a lack, initiates this! Keeps you in a negative state of wanting/grasping/needing. Keeps you out of the now and the pyramid hierarchy above you. A Huge hypnotic state! There is nothing wrong with you, only the lack of love, for example.

The issue is –  be one with it, you cannot resist or reject it!

They have got (the agents), because you need! Got it?

The struggle is to struggle! The way not to struggle is to have absolute faith in your 5 elements! This will change your perceptions of life to knowing, which is formless! You are well on the way to a state where you can not be controlled by anything.

It is the basis of all fear, which is now turning into 5 elements. We have entered a higher state of consciousness once again. Free from all states of suppression. All comes from one simple word that you have conscientised “Need!”

When you are conscious you need nothing. When you need nothing you can manifest anything! Delete “Need” and you get manifestation. – Diclem, Metaphysical Alchemist


One thought on “Delete Need & Get Manifestation

    bhaaslaw said:
    April 7, 2016 at 1:18 AM

    So, how does a starving man “Manifest” himself a sammich that he already has?


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