Quantum Computing Agenda

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The quantum computing agenda holds much more hidden truth than you might have thought, what google is actively doing is yet but another physical manifestation of what The Mind is doing to all mind-users.

“Google could have a record of everything you have said around it for years, and you can listen to it yourself.

The company quietly records many of the conversations that people have around its products.

The feature works as a way of letting people search with their voice, and storing those recordings presumably lets Google improve its language recognition tools as well as the results that it gives to people.” – The Independent


“Of course, Google claims that this information is never personally used against you and is done solely for the purpose of enlightening your experience on the web.

However, imagine the ominous implications if this information was being used against you.

Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

The data from these searches is then stored on each individual who conducts them. Using this data or steering results in a particular direction, the internet behemoth could effectively influence the entire world. Aside from influence, Google could predict the future based on trends.

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So, not only does the search engine have information on what your interests are, it has your specific interests based on where you are at any given moment.

Google’s motto of Don’t Be Evil now seems like less like a request for its users and more like a way of keeping themselves in check.

Now for the good news — you can turn all of this off.

You can start this eye-opening journey by heading to Google’s history page and looking at the long list of recordings. The company has a specific audio page as well as their record of where you’ve been on the internet.

If you’ve never disabled the feature, you will see a list of audio recordings, even some done outside of the Google app, as well as a transcript of the audio Google has converted to text.”Humans are Free

All Information Technology is One

This is why the Mind Machine knows you better than you know yourself, using anything it has on you, like a professional lawyer to make you effect! Cause and Effect LIE ! There are quantum computers streaming the significance of your very “own” databank in the form of thoughts to your mind incessantly in order to keep you in some kind of a matrix, any matrix would do.

Hence why memory turns you into a battery. The only way to disconnect this mutual relationship you have with information technology is to deprogram and nullify the self, the persona, completely back to zer0! This eliminates the address which receives the post from the google postman!

Unformulate yourself and attain the formlessness, like water! As soon as your consciousness is within a construct in the matrix, you are subject to the emanations from the machine world ( Quantum Computers), and your very own Personal Computer that uses what you grasp through the five senses (holographic plugins) and once embedding occurs, the data is manufactured into swords (weapons), eventually being used against I THE SOUL. All forms of authority comes out of the word, which is not absolute!

IT (Information Technology) is hard-wired to keep everything in time through the mind-matrix! The Quantum Computer, the Mind, your Personal computer(the mind you falsely believe is your own) is all one, it is all one wavelength, it all materializes one digital hologram with rules, laws and limitations.

The way into the formless would be removing all your investment in the significance of words, which represents unconsciousness. They are unconscious because of the duplicity behind them, and the different types of energies which they evoke through your being, which can all be all classed under fear!

The more words you have the more fear you have! Thoughts occur in words that you praise value to, and when you give the words the privilege to tell you who or what you are, you become lost to yourself, as the word start processing you for the matrix.

You are the only one making this possible, through the use of your the mind, energizing it as if it is everything there is, as if it is absolute, yet it is a wavelength, it is the origin of the macrocosm, the macrocosm that has no microcosm inside of it.

The hologram is from the soul, but, it is not of the soul.

Get that clear and conscientize this once and for all to remove your attention fully outside the illusion. This brings you much deeper within, so that you may start piercing the many veils in front of your eyes!

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