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Deprogramming Sacred Geometry Deception (Including Biological Ramifications)

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The code of the matrix is the information gathered by the study of this particular creation, data from the external digital hologram enters the mind through the use and trust in the five senses. Once this world is embraced, you turn it absolute!

When you are using the senses to make a postulation or an hypothesis/theory of the reality, (which the holographic mind projector materializes, the illusion), you are merely affirming the whole extent of the cube you’re trapped in by the entrancement of what others have agreed to before, others who were unaware to the fact that they find themselves inside of the digital hologram of the mind, not to be taken as absolute, for it is beginning and end.

The Matrix has always seen stewards of Knowledge come and go, leaving their mark for millions of others to follow in the same footsteps. When one comes up with a hypothesis that agrees to the act of observation through the 5 senses, it is labeled a law, which is what we call a law of man, which man in turn, labels, a law of god, always pinning the blame to an invisible force, unable to take full responsibility for the limited & restricted cube he or she finds himself in, reason being, the god delusion.


For any person that wants to go forward into uncharted never-before seen territories, full responsibility is a must. Every answer to every and any question is your divine rite, if you want to become the creator of your own reality, you cannot be under-standing any of the axioms, laws or generalities that have sprung up on the time-track of this virtual reality. When one does build from the data of this creation, one becomes augmented, adding something to something, and eventually one becomes subject to all that which is abided to.

The answer to your deepest question would be the state you find yourself in. Any un-desired state signifies degrees of unconsciousness in many forms of un-answered questions left open for interpretation. These spiritual black holes causes Artificial Intelligence to rule over and through you, as ignorant assumptions of reality projects throughout yourself and is made as real and tangible as can be.

Albert Einstein is well known for his theory of relativity: E = MC Squared. This theory basically spells out our own relativity to the forces of energy/time/matter and space, the four constituents said to make up reality in metaphysics.

If any agreement is made to the laws of the reality of solid matter in which we find ourselves blinded in, we acknowledge that Information Technology is greater than the cosmic consciousness within us, and in doing so; we keep the potency of the cosmic consciousness outside of us, the eternal soul, the one(1) whole(0).

Accepting the rules of form turns the formless into that of your acceptance, turning the formless into form, this is what has in fact gone on for the past millions of years! Souls have been conned and fooled to turn a formless reality into a rigid totalitarian prison-planet with rules which have their origins in the written and spoken word, this is what relativity actually is.

 “Relativity is built out of words! The power of the word! The statement “That the word is mightier than the sword!” gave the false premise that the word had absolute power and has been broken, because the microcosm is the 1 (the 1 whole). 1 and 0 is the Soul! The words come out of the Soul! They try to say, we come out of words! This hypnotic state has now been broken, because it is all reverting back to I the Soul (the 5 Elements). You are merging back into full consciousness every second! Your fears are based on words! You always lived in fear because of words! Your state of fear is disappearing from the above synopsis! Below “hate” is “fear”! So you are now going through the next shift of Fear! This is a “fear based” reality, which was created by the architect! Once again you are stepping into consciousness, where there is no scarcity! The program of the subconscious mind/ mind has finally been broken! Living in the digital/ letter /word program has been broken, which has been built out of letters and numbers and has been concientised and you are stepping out of the illusion, the unconscious state into consciousness and everything is now returning to cosmic laws “if you like it or you don’t! “Nine tenths of the law is possession” and conscientising “fear” brings it all back to the 1; and this closes the omega sign, brings an end to the illusion. ( 10% is fear!) The hidden purpose of words is to keep you in fear 24/7! Reference to the film Lucy, “To bring it back to 1 and 0” Note: The more words you have the more fear you have, the less words you have the less fear! No 1 killer is fear! Materialisation/ the material plane is only built out of fear! Alchemising each word in the mind/ subconscious mind is dematerialising this reality!  Notice the increased reality of fear has been accelerated, because they want us to hold on to fear! We are letting go of fear day by day! You can only be at cause if you create fear! The creator was killing us softly with his words!” – Diclem, Metaphysical Alchemists

Opposites Attract

Opposites that attract is what creates the magnetic force for two objects to fuse together to form something else. This is how augmented reality works, this you may say, is the blueprint of the illusion of the matrix. You may say that the hypothesis that opposites attract is the main principle of this creation. From the very first split, the greatest illusion, that of infinity, was set into motion, as energy comes out of the first split, and energy is matter, space and time. The entire reality we live inside of is held together by the collective agreement in chemistry stating that opposites attract.

“Robert Boyle, in the 1680 edition of the Sceptical Chymist, protested against the prevalent accrediting to material substances of the ideas of antipathy and empathy, enmity and amity, these qualities being attributes of the human mind and not common to inanimate bodies. To remedy this inherent tension, Isaac Newton proposed the existence of chemical forces.”

The matrix works via millions of different forms of different particles with their own respective intelligence’s, assigned by science and the mind of course, and they do inter-mingle to create more elaborate forms in this creation of matter, which creates the illusion of an infinite outward spiral of this matrix built out of the word/knowledge/data/numbers etc. The return to the zero point singularity was activated when we reached the point where all possible knowledge has been exhausted, this basically means we have reached the finite potential of the machine world, the computer generated hologram of the mind has come to its outer limits. As consciousness returns us to a conscious reality unrestricted by mans laws, the reality of the matrix will disintegrate as the illusion of all its relevance loses its foundation which was consciousness from the very conception of it.

The Golden Ratio (infinity) from the Split.
8 resembles Infinity too, as well as god(8), as well as memory(8), and here we see again how it is interwoven into the geometry of the vesica piscis.

The pentagram, a symbol of control, also fitting in perfectly into the vesica piscis.
The 6 Pointed Star, hexagram, pertaining the masculine over the femenine, the positive over the negative, resembling materialism (6).
The fish so popular with the popes, again it is obvious how the symbol was being used for power.

The Heart and the Vesica Piscis

The vesica piscis, a major symbol of sacred geometry is plastered all over the reality, which can also be seen within the heart resembling love. This love and the heart which is a major advertising symbol for millions of companies attempting to use the vibration of love to attract customers shows all conscious individuals in the open, the deception of the very first split which created yin and yang, two opposites, negative and positive that keep each-other empowered by the energy which is generated by the attraction and fusion of opposing forces.





All forms of love, believe it or not, is what keeps control in the matrix a massive factor for the individual, simply because it creates an electromagnetic attraction between yourself and something within the matrix/illusion, which requires energy due to your mind now being pre-occupied with that which you are thinking about, on a constant basis. This works very well for the profits of organizations who manipulate people through geometry to make profits. The reason I say love does not exist is because unfortunately most of the masses love fear, knowingly or unknowingly. (Hate & love belonging to opposite polarities of the same wavelength) & behind hate is fear.


Love is just a word, behind the illusion of love is Electromagnetic, an attraction you play a part in between yourself and anything in the world of matter, and when this is activated, you fall under an extent of control because your mind will now include form, form which you energize on a daily basis, which keeps you subject to mans laws and gods laws & yourself creating a cause and an effect, keeps you matrix-bound, outside of your very own reality!

corporatelogosvp copy

Please note that within the zero point singularity there is no energy, matter, space or time. The matrix started at 1, not at zero. 1 is the deception of the inception, which has conned most of the planet into selling their essence into this reality which was created by 1 individual. You were given the con-ception (concept) of the deception which you held as a truth and for which you may have sold your essence into this creation. Everything we are going through today is the reversal of all that which we have been conned by! Bringing it all back to 1 and 0.

Love of course also creates an electromagnetic attraction between the  mind and life, mind being negative and life (external) being positive. The two work hand in hand to keep the soul in a subjective experience according to the objective significance of the matrix.

Two things cannot occupy the same space, this is obvious. The spell of love, is a delusion which keeps the masses controlled by the mind, but there is only 1 SOUL-CENTER. Love brings a matrix-based contruct into the one, also then creating a split, and creating energy from friction of two things attempting to occupy 1 space! This is siphoned to materialize the matrix!

Biological Ramifications

Opposites that attract is what causes the mutation of cells within the human body, creating all sorts of problems in the body, well known by an assortment of new ailments and diseases that has arisen out of society within the last two centuries. The reason that chemicals and pollution has become such a widespread catastrophe worldwide is for the purpose of altering the original monological system of the human body into a biological (bi = 2) system, as mentioned before, from one split, follows all the rest of the artificial duplications.

The vaccinations handed out worldwide is taking care of this, taking care of the transhumanism agenda! Once you are a biological entity this means you are bio (2) logical (the illusion of more than one intelligence at play in your very own bio-chemistry), which of course, crosses over to the computer/mind for a being that is not soul-centered.

“Vaccines help develop immunity by imitating an infection. This type of infection, however, does not cause illness, but it does cause the immune system to produce T-lymphocytes and antibodies. Sometimes, after getting a vaccine, the imitation infection can cause minor symptoms, such as fever.” – Wikipedia

“Humoral and cellular immune responses makes memory, immune memory is retained by B-cells and T-cells. Responses by B-cells are humoral, responses by T-cells are called cellular.” –

“When someone is exposed to an influenza virus (either through infection or vaccination) their immune system makes specific antibodies against the antigens (surface proteins) on that particular influenza virus.” – Wikipedia

As you can see, by introducing a so called duplicate virus into the body, the cells retain the memory of whatever foreign particles is introduced into the biological system, which loads up the body with unnecessary cellular memory and it is this memory which I am saying can control the mind.

Syphilis and Sex

The mass fixation on sex globally actually comes from the syphilis within the inoculation! A negative that attracts a positive allows this to materialize. There is no other excuse for humanity’s over-obsession with sex.

“If syphilis were as infectious as most medical men believe it to be, there would not be an uninfected person in the world.”—John Tilden, M.D.

Dr. M. Ricord, one of the most noted authorities on syphilitic affections, in a lecture to medical men in Paris, said:

“At first I repelled the idea that syphilis could be transmitted by vaccination. The recurrence of facts appearing more and more confirmatory, I accepted the possibility of this mode of transmission, I should say, with reserve, and even with repugnance; but today, in the face of all these facts I hesitate no more to proclaim their reality Who, pray, will run such a risk to escape smallpox?”

Dr Brundenell Carter, surgeon to St George s Hospital, London, observed: “I think that a large proportion of the cases of apparently inherited syphilis are in reality vaccinal; and that the syphilis in these cases does not show itself until the age of from eight to ten years, by which time the relation between cause (vaccination) and effect (syphilis) are lost sight of.”

Dr. Ballard, one of the vaccine inspectors for the English government stated:

There can be no doubt that the vaccine virus and the syphilitic virus may both be drawn at the same time, upon the same instrument, from one and the same vesicle. The vesicle which is thus capable of furnishing both vaccine and syphilitic virus may present, prior to being opened, all the normal and fully developed characters of the true Jennerian vesicle as ordinarily met with”

In his book entitled COMPULSORY VACCINATION, from his years’ world wide research, Dr. J. M. Peebles (M.D., Ph.D.) gave an account of seventeen school girls who developed syphilis as a result of vaccination at Lebus, near Frankfort Yet the vaccinator’s report stated that the vaccinations were from the regular, official calf-lymph “absolutely pure, glycerinated, sterilized, all germs but the ‘vaccine sporule’, destroyed, hermetically sealed until used.” –

Furthermore, when you are a biological entity this means that you are subject to what the physical substances in the material plane can mutate your vehicle into, which materializes an altered mind from the altered body, the mind being altered by the resonating altered bio-chemistry of the body.

It is also well worth note that these bodies that we inhabit is not our bodies! The bodies were created to serve the matrix, as is obvious by their senses that are ONLY plugged into the hologram. The body was also made to control the soul within it, which was ensured by the code of the DNA of it. A few chosen people on Earth had of course a unique code to their DNA, different to the rest of the masses on Earth.

As you can imagine, the royal bloodlines obsession with controlling who mates with who, is part of an effort to keep outsiders from gaining access to the “chosen DNA”, simply because their DNA is not tainted by the biological deception of the “slave race”, also, not subject to the same influence that keeps one in a relative hologram according to cellular memory!

Biology has the effect of breaking the one soul-center, the 1 whole, as the body is manipulated to keep the logical mind hack caused by your own bio-active chemistry. The body is like a memory stick in a computer. Due to the agreement that opposites attract, other particles/chemicals/metals/material substances do have an effect on the living organism, because this causes fusion and subsequent transmutations, the fusion of particles or isotopes of chemicals that contains intelligence’s of their own, an inert intelligence in the matrix not of your own creation, which is a case of relativity, serving to affect the mind, aiding the holographic projection in the matrix, orchestrated by the architect and the elite that have sold their souls into the matrix, and now, have attempted to the best of their abilities, like crabs in a bucket, to keep everyone else fueling the illusion “they” are cursed in.

The attack on the human population of earth is well known, but these days are over as the one consciousness, the soul, awakens from its deep sleep, overwhelming and over-writing the illusion of the mind consisting of data into a world with no rules, laws or limitations, a reality that is not built out of words and numbers, a formless dream state, if you may! Furthermore it has been noted some time ago that the DNA is changing and transforming into something new, never before witnessed, this is more evidence that our bodies are changing according to our consciousness.

Keeping up Appearances

Always trying to be loved by the collective unconscious projection leads to your own eventual burnout and death, as the over-consideration of others that are merely behaving according to the hack of the mind leads to your own immersion  in the reality of the matrix. The need for love makes one act according to what agents in the matrix wants you to act or behave like.

Love limits ones transcendence beyond the matrix very highly. When you are considering the welfare and peacefulness of all others and you would rather benefit others by fitting into their interpretations of reality then you are on the path of self-destruction. Democracy and the greater good for the greater number is a humongous hypnotic state which successfully keeps the masses fueling their own self-destruction where the individual becomes deleted.

Kill them with Kindness, is a famous song on the radio these days. Indeed many are fooled by the portrayal of kindness from others, many in the matrix are put under hypnotic states by the vibration of loving-kindness and from there one is open to hypnotic suggestion and control. If you look at many organizations, their main focus is on creating an atmosphere of love and kindness within, so that relations remain in good flow for the objective of the company.

Many people get what they want by using the vibration of love as a tool, not only companies use it as a market tool but many spiritual teachers actively use this energy to get others to eat up every single word that they offer in their teachings, by saying the words in a “warm, loving” manner, as long as the attractive force is applied, they use it to their advantage.

Love of life is not love. It is an electromagnetic attraction that keeps you a robot relative to mans laws. Once you let go of loving the game, much progress can be made. As you then go through the process of letting go of mind-control programs. And once you alchemise all of that built on love, which is built for the love of god, then oneness with everything becomes re-established because mind-control keeps you separate from all that is.