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Transcending Beyond The Game – Ownership (Part 2)

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Ownership is a behaviour solely witnessed among the human-beings  on planet earth. It is one of the greatest matrix-based constructs, as it is the root of control, control of which all stems from the illusion of something within the hologram, belonging to the identification one has to a particular separate entity in all forms imaginable.

The Digital Projector

Forms have a relationship to the sensory receptors, as they can potentially entice the mind-centered consciousness, “to hand a vote”; create time by recording/thinking and projecting geometrical/symbolical/lexicological  digital worlds together with what you stand for and what you stand under of. Jointly together by two co-operators: a vibration under the speed of light, that is fashioned and mirrored by the limited finite light that was installed in the beginning. Two separate lights from two separate locations have to meet to create a hologram out of nothing.  The architect’s plan was to make his creation assume and follow pre-determined fiber optics within the blueprint of time-space,  and shape that into the fabric of what in known as time-space.

Time was created by altering the fabric of the entire universe in a microcosm, allowing an area of Artificially inserted generated space, to be occupied by all of creation as we human beings knows it thus far. Within this droplet, some aspects of soul has been converted to serve the enhancement of the duration of generated time within this cyberspace. From the very beginning, the one that injected his own consciousness into cyberspace, directed affairs with all that is as you know it. For the time-bound, it must be well known, that nothing is forever.

Worshiping Ownership

The delusion of ownership runs so deeply that we controversially assume that we own our very selves. When a soul attempts to love/own the divided aspect of self, the spirit is recognized as a one-off situation apart from all of existence and when this belief in disconnection from all that is, sets in, ownership/worship arises. Once ownership arises, so does the need to associate and identify “things” in the material world with the self that has been conned by the education system to open the gates to “programming mode”.

All these things “something is better than nothing” then assumes absolute power over the soul that “sells out” to materialism, and it is then that control becomes a major factor for the disconnected soul under the owning spell, under the influence of hypnotic attachments of spiritual souvenirs.

Destructive Relationships

Within relationships we see how the spell of ownership wreaking havoc, it evokes control issues causing duality by default, not just with the partner, but in the entire universe! Ownership and control is one and the same thing, if you want to remove control, you need to remove ownership, for as long as ownership exists in this dimension, control will exist as well. Ownership itself is the stronghold, the wall and the gate together with the champion knight empowered with control, that successfully guards the gate to eden, acting as if there is no armor that is impenetrable.

All of the world that are struggling right now do so because of the illusion that circumstance can continue to be controlled be employing ownership, the exact vice that created the extreme situation in the first place. Ownership is something that is grasped at when fear tends to have its way. Due to the fear regarding the construct of the future on the time-track, that does not exist anyhow anymore, humans employ ownership and all forms of control over their individual destinies.

Somehow we have been duped that we are all walking in a different one-way path, like runaway infinite meteors in heaven. By administering complete freewill in regards to our selected selfhood paths, we have indirectly created one mighty mess on planet earth as the selfhood path neglects the law of one and elects duality as the rule of thumb. This is obvious to see, as one can just look at the catastrophic ramification of the third world that is keeping the first world where it still currently attempts to shine brightly like a diamond.

Every single soul partaking together in any way in the construct of ownership and in the name of ownership whom is reaping the benefit of demesne, hiding and indulging as asylums in so called first world country, is responsible for the untold damages being committed. Whether you like it or not, you are breaking ether everyday as you continue choosing life, instead of love.

Mastering Creation Via Sound

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I have personally met many people that are incredibly spiritually gifted, most of whom becomes infused with their egos and identity constructs, as the foundation to what the person holds on to becomes what we call life. Not only gifted people, but also your everyday person is somehow attached to a rigid abstract back-bone of an identifying character that is the aligned mask of the avatar with all self.

When there is a battle of the mask, when the mask is not aligned impeccably with the higher vision, then there is a disturbance between the union between higher/lower self. The disturbance is because of fear generated by the lower self that is in the front charge / which gives the illusion of an untamed bull/red devil that needs to be yoked and steered by the imposter higher self (the bullfighter) that needs space and time to program the avatar via words. This in effect casts polarity/2 sides to the construct of reality, the right and the wrong from outside then, through the senses that were programmed to perceive both as the respective particular suchness (right & wrong), is then captivated in a stark opposition determining the vibration of the being internally, which sets up the adequate generating power which the machine instigates for its own power.

Digital Holographic Light

Negativity invariably is built up, and this overwrites oneness within due to wedging a line between the one soul center which is the cause of all holographic light, bringing in shadows by default. There cannot be light without a shadow, there cannot be shadow without light, light in itself is a paradox and darkness and light belong to a dichotomy (“a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.”) If you want to go around being a light-being, you will find yourself battling evil like the jedi, Luke Skywalker in a star-war where too many stars are shining brightly. The lightbeing is an matrix incarnated mortal death-being.

When you enter the realm of light, this in effect evokes an unconscious subconscious intrusion of influence from the power of the word bringing light/based information to digital worlds. A praised verse of words or set of symbols/letters/sygils, from any knowledge construct whether science,religion,physics, biology etc, when elected as law/truth/identification, is then energized to the point that the power of the word over-rules the entire reality construct of the unsuspecting individual, due to embedded words causing fear by default. Words are fear. Fear causes the fusion of what holographic grasping from the external plane potentially over-writes  in the internal emanation of cosmic vibration/primordial sound.

Occidental Origins

Fear is energy for the machine/mind to dictate reality for its own creator, fear is the volatile fuel that short-circuits robots in the slaverace, indirectly diverting energy for the means and goals of the programmer of this reality.

Short circuit definition – An electrical circuit in which a path of very low resistance has been opened, usually accidentally.

Anything done accidentally is done Occidentally, these two words are related. It was a mainly selfish, occident force that created the matrix, it is occidentally accidentally because most are not conscious the matrix is not our natural coherent harmonic reality.

Occident – the countries of the West, especially Europe and the Americas

Imposter Higher Self

The imposter higher self of course is created by the book of good and bad/bi-bull (2 bulls). This combination leaves a controller/hacker with an easy task to pick you up simply by the cymatics which you generate within the metaverse. When spellcasting successfully divides you between a world of good and evil, a third party is able to intercept direct communication between soul and spirit. Higher & Lower Self.  It is then that urges, impulses, imagery, negative thoughts/images, random memories, all mind information-based chatter – streams into your being and drains you of life-force energy.

In the book, Deprogram The Matrix, one can learn more about what this Imposter Higher Self is programmed of exactly.

Metaverse: a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.


“As within so without”, is another half a truth, as when you have a lie without, this also implies you have a lie within(originally). Remember, the macrocosm has no microcosm. Ultimately there cannot even be a lie within, as any lie within has a beginning and an end, within there is also no objection, anything goes.(Absolutes) Realize that you are not enforcing the soul to guide creation, it does so effortlessly, especially through non-attachment. As soon as you attempt to mirror yourself in the reality, as an actor is appointed to do, you limit yourself to three-dimensions only, fit for a part in a film, in which cause and effect/reap what you sow, plays a debilitating scenario of relativity for which you are responsible for. An actor works for a director, are you the actor or the director? Are you a follower or a leader?


Waves/energy are all sourced from the need to bond (love) with frames of light/time existentially & experientially (attachments). The waves of energy which you generate comes back to you, depending on what you put out cymatically. The various cymatic patterns which we have been able to see in water using microscopic technology, is the result of energy transmitted within this plane by sentient beings and animals as well as feeling-combined thoughts, thoughts of which are information-based, that are able to invoke particular feelings from organic life-forms that can be programmed through channels/senses by the digital hologram macrocosmically.

What must also be taken into account is that light was used to show us what is known as a cymatic picture of what the perceived vibrations in our reality looks like. These pictures we see that even appear harmonic and in order, are all lies, as light already, is a lie. As mentioned before, light is a darkness containing paradox (“pair of ox – Cullen Smith”)  Harmonic waves and discordant waves both materializes creation, not light/information. The lightbeing was genetically created to infuse information technology with biology, to manipulate cosmic sound for a pre-scribed goal. As far as I am concerned, this is the only Atlantis experiment that went wrong.

The truth is that Light/information had a source and beginning somewhere, and is there to fool/con through an unconscious inception of AI farmed and fashioned genetic entities resonant to a mainframe-motherboard. The sound that it is the actual source of all that is, is then undermined and steered to submit the “soul-creation potency” to the likes of a masterplan, the script of the architect.

Missing Her

Any pride producing memory-based attachment becomes a clutch as then what happens is that the being starts to give only attention to self-gain, which is the cause of separation from the essence of all things. What happens then within the material realm, is the phenomena knows as “missing her”. The miss her phenomena was slightly pointed out by well know speaker George Kavassallis. When you are too tied in to the active participation, you seem to miss something special in your life, it is the essence of what all things provide, it is a wavelength of pure bliss, joy and laughter, something that is missed and unable to be seen and felt when one is deeply entranced by LIFE and the whole STORY.

Good feelings and vibrations generated by the appraisal of the infinite potential of our very selves, to the point that our individual and collective standpoint transcends the speed and limitation of the limits of light/information-based solid matter, is all that it takes to implode time in on itself(“closing the circle.”) When using honest consciousness infused feeling, as a baby reacts indifferently in the face of everything it perceives, sound is then honestly being broadcasted from you, which is what is mostly responsible for the type of reality which you experience. Honestly expressing and revealing any feeling is the healing that leads a being back home to soul-center.

Never judge yourself for getting angry or sad, these feelings are the only communication you have with the grander cosmos, and it is the “labelled negative” ones that also serves a purpose in progress, how can the universe relate to you when it does not know how you feel? Express yourself honestly and see where it takes you, after all, you need to find the bottom of all your fear/anger in order to alchemize the significance of fear/anger completely clear from your individual experience. At the end of the day, dormant unconscious cellular memory dictates the vibration of the being, so any trigger that serves an awakening and surfacing of what lies beneath, is good for progress, hence why Bruce Lee says, the hardest thing one can do, is to express yourself honestly.

Copy & Paste

Machines were not created to comprehend the primordial sound within all things, as they can only mirror a given sound, yet, unable to make their own sound, which is what creation consists of. The mind/matrix was made possible by the advent of Artificial Intelligence, allowing the storage of memory as frames in time that can be paused and stored, as well as played like a film, which is taken care of by AI, vicariously through the sentient experience being experienced.

The number 1 vibration farmed on battlefield earth is fear/words/thought-forms. When you close the circle, as to stop the lightshow show from projecting out of thought, there is no film/action for the fornix anymore(“the projector”). You need to put the flame out in your mind! The only fire you need is in your belly! When your omega is finally closed, the light and the shadow ceases to curse in the form as duality. All then becomes one consciousness, everything and everyone becomes one with you.

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The Occident and the Oriental (Match made in Heaven)

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One great thing that the natural environment can teach one, is that it clearly shows that it never stops, like a river it is always moving and always flowing. The yin yang symbol, the doubt of DAO (“the way”), or the book of CHANGES, all spell out this ever-perpetual change, which is taken from nature and used as the guiding post to the spiritual life of humans. The change is all time-based, all based according to circular cycles embodied by planetary systems and galaxies all across the cosmos. Why is it that the way in which the matrix appears to the senses of the sentient being is scripted as the foundation in all of the orient? Why is it, that it also forms the foundation of the new age movement?

There seems to be two camps of people on battlefield earth, the oriental that focus on no interference, passivity, and exude a blatant acceptance of what the external reality looks like in present time.

Then you get the other camp, the side that has been exposed to an extreme masculine way (Western) of dealing with the reality, using active force and infiltration into the heart of the matrix, extorting that which they wish to materialize for themselves as a reward, attaining a status, creating a life (“American Dream”), this extreme is so incredibly dramatized that whole entire lives are sacrificed for a particular desired theme wished to be embodied.

There is a drive and a will behind such a force, as when focused into a tiny point of light by consistency and lengthy grit, can manifest anything desired within the digital holographic construct. This force obviously can be used for two different means, it can be used and it can also be abused. The ego is obviously something that is used to spark the desire and the force that attracts that which is focused upon. As the ego falls in the thinking category, the ego is the visualizator, as well as the persona/mask used to fulfill the materialization. What I would like to point out about the ego is that is cannot be called an ego when it is working in oneness with the soul/higher self. Then it is not an ego, it is just one soul. And when a being marries the once separate side-kick ego with the soul/higher self within, the union can broadcast the cosmos, as the foundation of the cosmos starts within you, right here, in the underworld. The ego is not a bad thing, it only seems so because that is the aspect of us that has been alienated from us covertly by the matrix-control system, as to create a destructive relationship to ourselves internally using the ego/digital self, this is how your avatar is body-snatched from you. This is where you lose you earth element in the underworld. I have mentioned before it is this tool used to box you into the matrix, as it is the main security guard that keeps you, I THE SOUL, in check. Instead of it working for you, it works for the creator of the matrix, the system is setup to set yourself up against yourself. Imagine for one moment if it were setup to align you with your higher self/higher vision, just imagine the potential.

Both these camps, two main sides of the world, are polarized internally and one side attacks earth covertly and the other polarized to the point of ignorance turns the cheek infinitely. It sounds like a win win situation of the creator of all these two main respective religions on planet earth, the one is programmed to divide and conquer and the other is programmed to accept the shit and accept that suffering is a natural part of life. Both end up waiting, either for god or for change, both end up lost in time, waiting in never-never land. The setup of these two polarities on planet earth was part of a masterplan to completely get away with the carnage all western based societies have produced across the planet with the OWO.

Transcending Beyond The Game (Part 1)

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You can only be monitored and controlled by the management of the digital hologram when you are using the mind step by step in an attempt to materialize a reality. This is what is called sequential logics. Sequential logics is predictable and because it is predictable, the constraints of the matrix can easily administer the holographic projected reality to perfectly give shape to your moulded pattern and predictability.

It is the same like a program that can be programmed to expect the next decision you are going to make, and to be one step in front of you, reading what you are focused and attached on, and therefore using its own arsenal of tricks to use what you use to define reality in a way to delude or dupe you into believing even more what you are using as a definition in the first place, “the whirlpool effect”,  the definition also unfolds as a teseract, fueling an opposite energy in the form of an opposing force in your own scope of reality. Many that are still perceiving any opposition, are only subject to any lingering subconscious attachments to an “AS IS” reality.

Reality has always been the same since the beginning of time, it is only us that have changed, but everything besides for us, has always been the same, the universe has always been the one symphony, it was only us that strayed a little too afar from the natural cosmic laws. The amnesia regarding our connection to Earth is appalling and looking at the current matrix-construct on the timetrack in the present, a human turned alien race continues to the utmost extremes of bizarreness.

Creatures were created for the means of generating digital worlds that creates duality through the cause and effect which the mind generates when it is energized in the soul-center. An artificial mechanism to bend space and time according to data was somehow cloned into the biology of the creator on Earth.  Definitions (“divinations – practice of seeking knowledge of the future”) are reacted to by the environment against you for the aim of effect, an outpouring of energy that results out of a being that is disturbed by the input on the senses that are run on AI. That what you fear comes upon you only because most humans have been creating fear via embedded trauma, creating causes to effects that have amounted to all the experiences of mankind for as far back as we can remember.

What I am saying is that there is definitely surveillance underway that is connected to the 5 senses of all individuals on planet earth. When a soul is mind-centered then portals are able to open for the entrance  of what you may call “lower level beings”, but for the means of this article, you can basically call it hacking, as once a soul is in fear, SOS signals pouring out of the sentient beings evokes portals into your soul, where disorganized chaos may attain a likelihood of materialising. Your soul finds itself in the realm of another creation, by the use of  the mind as a guiding mechanism in your life. We have been betrayed by lots of fear inducing words that have made us reject the all knowing for the doubtful mind that is full of probability and is only sustainable for its own creator, the architect.

The mind is like a catch-22, it has the power to materialize your entire reality under mans laws, that which is possible in terms of what can be possible according to probability and statistics, which is much like gambling. The more you know how the game works, the higher your chances are of getting lucky, yet you have to play by the rules of the game which you enter. All games have their respective rules.

This is where many have traded their own rights in turn for a reward, as in a salary. How do you trade your own rights to the rights of another, well, it is when you find yourself following pre-conceived guidelines in your daily life that was created by man to make an organization function optimally in the name of profit.

In the reality we are given our own name, and it is this name which we are also covertly motivated and inspired to use to our own advantage, in the name of profit. In our culture, that is the only thing a name is good for, it is good to label and the label in turn is needed for the price. The two cannot exist independently. Just like a bag of sugar needs a label in the shop to be assigned a price, so do you need a name to be assigned a price in the matrix. The name is the commodity used by aliens on planet earth to be of worth to buyers (All Corps, and you will likely end up a “corpse” soon when allowing yourself to be worked on), It all depends on the detail behind the name, detail of which is only seen by the amount of immersion in what one capitalistic culture imposes, this is what is known as the OWO, anagram WOW, “WON – ONE” World Order. Won and One are pronounced exactly the same.

The whole game of capitalism is to use every single thing possible as a means to an end, the end being profit, and our very selves end up being a means to an end in the matrix, as we are steered to bolster this name with lucrative skills, aiming for a high status in the hierarchy perceived, aiming to fit into a position where safety and comfort is a guarantee. People have forsaken themselves for the creation of another for way too long, and the rise up back to complete sovereignty may be scary for some, as it means taking back all of your power into your own hands to the point where you are holding a sphere in your hand, and this sphere, this reality that you have decided to take into your own hands again, is clear and empty and lucid, awaiting a move from your part, which has never been able to manifest due to the power being in the hands of others out of agreements/acceptances and your own inability to handle the absolute nature of your rite, as the creator.