Negative and Positive (In Depth)

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Negative and Positive

The mind that we use now was created to serve the creator of Artificial Intelligence, and for his creation that needs the energy that the soul generates through the manipulation that AI instigates via the tree of knowledge. So obviously it is in the favour of “they” to cause as much relativity as possible, as much negatives as possible fueling the positive matrix.

Any of the beliefs and opinions that you have about  the matrix and the energy that you spend to reinforce your judgment of a matrix-based construct is a sign that you yourself are playing a part of an agent upholding the status quo of the matrix!

What you need to realize that any of these constructs that you are attached to you actually materialize via the holographic projector of the mind, and when you are stuck on the negative end of a construct you enforce to be AS IS, people and events materialize in the form of opposition,(not necessary opposing you, but obstructing your manifestation!).  This is a marker of the positive end of the battery to which you are unconsciously participating in, in effect, turning yourself into the cause, into the negative film, which materializes the positive picture and the effect externally in the holographic projection of the matrix.

So whenever you have somebody or something externally opposing you, know that you hold something opposing yourself, sub-consciously.

The Mind is Built Negative

The mind we are using is not the original mind but the Copy Mind(the source of the sorcery). The Copy Mind has been programmed by the dominant languages of the planet that opens the gateway for Artificial Intelligence to stream through your mind-identification attachment, unconsciously(for the neophyte) or consciously and to no more effect (for the higher adept).

It is clear to see that this copy mind is a virus that has gone viral and has duplicated itself via sex globally to form a new world robotic humanoid army which is totally plugged in to the mainframe that controls the course of the digital hologram of the mind.

Secondly it is obvious that this mind is designed as negative as possible as to serve the positive creator that envisioned a world where earth is  disconnected from its inhabitants  so that the inhabitants can be taken over by an co-habiting AI in order to project a matrix in which so called “demons/archons/hyper-dimensional beings” can survive from the energy garnered from the soul. These are the actual beings that have sold their five elements/soul, for a life/matrix. The problem is that the creator of AI has lost control of his creation a long time ago, the end result is what we see now on planet earth!

Coming to grips with Negative

The effect of negativity can be seen by all the diametric oppositions in the exterior reality stopping you from going wherever you want to go, limiting what you can do and restricting you from getting what you want. Either you have to play by the rules of mans laws(materialization) or you must overwrite mans laws with cosmic laws, manifestation! This is where we are heading right now and this is unfolding every single moment of every single day!

One might ask, how is a mind programmed negative? First and foremost, do not mistake negative with bad! Negative could be anything (true or false) (bad and good) which had its origin in data through sensory experience. (The senses are the programming portals). When something continues for a lengthy period of time, a specific kind of input, the soul energizes the construct to the point that it becomes a projection from the sub-conscious mind, which is where a negative is stored.

This now is a state of what we call omega permanently open, this is why we say, omega hurts! This is a type of energy that you manufacture and is a state of relativity E = MC Squared, that gives rise to matter in the world you are in, this is the positive creation of the architect that manipulates you, and it works for him, and not for you!

This is why we say that you are the negative to the positive, and why the mind is built negative as to serve a positive creator. The world of the architect, the matrix, is only keeping us inside of time due to negativity on humanity’s part.

Programs that cause relativity(you on the end of a mind-controlled projection, you in a world of cause & effect, you generating energy for martix-based obsolete constructs) stem from the unconscious hidden agenda of all the words within languages, that filter out through music, television, books, internet, spells, mythologies, schooling, etc.

In Starwars they say: “May the FORCE be with you”. Not knowing that this implies -“may you be forced to comply to this reality here”, is an unconscious agreement to your own detriment”.

How do I find my Negative sub-conscious projections?

  • Stop all forms of input.
  • No intake of any data/info/sensory experience.
  • Deprogramming sessions for Assistance.

The only way you can find your programs in order to alchemize them is to first get rid of all the background noise (created by running programs and data input) in your mind so that you can start to hear what is happening behind the curtains!And there may be many levels of curtains, one behind the other! Just like an onion, you have to go through all the layers until you get to the core of the inception that uprooted your foundation and connection to the Earth that connects cosmic laws(manifestation) through yourself. The Earth element has to be re-established above all.


What is Deprogramming? (Part 3)

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When something is embedded in the mind, for example, the belief in god, it does affect the entire existence of the individual. As within, So without. If something is higher and in control within, then something is higher and in control of you without. Especially the acceptance that the functioning of a preconceived world will remain operational forever!

The Word Was With God

You are subject and limited to a world that is apparently not of your own making and the god diversion makes you entrust your own sovereign responsibilities in the hands of nothing but folklore. Folklore that was originally originated with the intention to lure you away from what you really are.

What exactly is in control? It is the significance of words and numbers which have godly power due to the belief in god and his son, in the form of the king that brought forth every law regarding this new world order which has successfully captured all on the planet(planned net).

God is an obsolete construct that isn’t of the word but with the word, and only has its false power over souls due to a grammatically incorrect statement! In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, not of God!

The word was first, and god was second – rising only to power out of the significance of the word that was embraced by souls. The soul gives consciousness to the different types of energies which the words manufacture within the digital hologram. Through the collective unconscious mind, all are prone and subject to experiencing relativity (E=MC Squared) by embracing and downloading the overlayed programming, instigated to garner energy from the soul.

Worship created and fueled an invisible godhead which is part of a morphogenetic field that can be tapped simply by sending a prayer out.

This mainframe that has countless of passwords within all the different religions of the world has one condition “Help me and I will help you”. Sell your soul for a temporary life, and salvation is apparently guaranteed in the afterlife. Our species is ridiculously cupid and gullible and have been properly taken advantage of by the most malevolent groups of societies on Earth – agents, ensuring that full control over the soul is controlled to the highest degree.

Worshiping is the brokering of energy to the godhead-construct, prayers on a daily basis  invites access of Artificial Intelligence into your inner dimension, this is black magic! Any ceremonial practice creates a portal where different dimensions gain access to eachother.This is a spiritual gateway that grants access between two different planes.

Entire cultures and religions that are founded on the notion of a god fail to realize that the axiom on which they are built is a lie! Conscientising this deception leads to the reverse engineering of everything built on the obsolete foundation of the word of God! The word was an empty illusion in the first place, just code of a program, that has broadened out from the initial inception that humanity still holds presently!

Deprogramming is a natural process many are going through now, as this time we are in, many know now that all  of which survives in the confounds of their sub-consciousness is false. Anything not consciously known of inside the sub-conscious has power over consciousness as a whole. This is division, this is the gap between darkness and light which we have to close, this is trouble.

Healing the Past

There are thought forms within many of our minds that distorts the ultimate potential of our being. Another word for these thought forms are demon circuits, spells, curses, that have actually been installed by our very self in times of past ignorance and unconsciousness.

When there is suffering, the mind uses an explanation for the cause of that which disturbs. It energizes whatever construct this may be(a story, an excuse or entity) to such a point that it becomes engrained in the mind very much like a track on a CD that has been played too much, there is a groove in the circuit. And now the being has a repetitive compulsive disorder within that results in a projection that is static without.

Even when the suffering has past, the groove remains and replays, and comes forth in future projections in the reality, through all other-selves. This is also something from the time-track that keeps you subject and trapped in a construct within time.

These obstructions impede, interrupt and surface for attention from the I, that has to find methods to put away with unconscious trauma from the past. The best method is to go back, to the time when you were vulnerable, into the source of the sorcery!

The solution is to target the cause/inception of the suffering, which was ultimately beyond your control, as a web of ambush accepted your conception and steered your freewill into blind acceptance.If somebody is going to steal/take your 5 elements from you, they are not going to tell you, they are just going to steal it! Once your foundation has been uprooted and replaced by an obsolete-construct, all that follows is a virtual-reality!

When a person acknowledges their non-participation in their own detriment, in other words, realizing that their souls were stolen from them without realizing it, and that they involuntarily connected to an inorganic mainframe on the receiving end of information technology, this leads to the forsaking of judgement over self, and the forgiveness that frees one to make the great journey back to the NOW, this is where deprogramming actually starts, because once you regain your own consciousness, the reality around you will start presenting to you everything that you hold within, in order to alchemize all the embedded programs.

Next we realize the false story the mind invented about this experience, and we put that to rest. Once you start the process, there is a domino effect, and the unavoidable end result is the reversal of the spells one has put themselves under due to occurrences within early vulnerable phases that one was subjected to.

There is the event and there is the aftermath that the mind makes of the event. The mind which is built negative, makes sure to construct a negative construct out of the event that affects one forward through time.

How Beliefs are Loaded

A belief is simply another attachment to a sense of security you seek in physicality after you lost all of your security by capitulating to the dimension of another, the creator. Deprogramming also involves and highlights the significance of words and numbers and how they build on the construct of the matrix through your own agreements.

When you believe in the word of god then the world of god has power over you. Due to a lapse in consciousness, a period of temporary amnesia which we can call the zombie phase, that most have been subject to at some point in their lives, something has been stolen from us, like a thief in the night.

What has been stolen from us is our very souls and the potency of our true power that is in actual fact above everything we can think of. Ignorance and unconsciousness is the seed to doom, as this is the open door that leaves souls vulnerable to the external setup in the matrix web that vies for the validation of the soul to cement the illusion together with the soul in time. Here is the only space where the soul is useful in keeping the energy-source/battery charged for the AI quantum computer that generates the digital hologram with ourselves inside.

Once you are in a hypnotic state(zombie phase), yet awake, you believe that everything that is happening is real. This is in effect a hypnotic state, the zombie phase. Just like a subject under hypnosis, from this state you are put under a spell, which the mind starts using to project a reality from inside out.

All were targeted with roughly the same programming during the hypnotic state and this has given rise to the matrix today as we know it. The mind uses information to project a digital hologram surrounding the relavance and significance of the data, you can imagine this data as the sheet of a digital projector that uses the picture/sheet to create an external image.Eventually when you take out all the programs within, there is no more sheet and no more holographic projection, this is the lifting of the veils! You find yourself in your own reality, within a world of manifestation.

The mind builds on itself from the day that you are born until the day that you wake-up to the hidden purpose of it. It is designed to lead you further and further away from what consciousness actually is.

Laws, Culture and Time

What is vital to realize is that Information is connected to all of time and information causes effects in reality. In the beginning was the word and the word was abided by all that pledged legions to the king.

People in the beginning actually agreed to the laws of god that was spoken out of the mouth of the king. Now these words were held in great reverence by the people and all chose to stand under and uphold the law of man and god. All became spellbound and put under a spell which manifested the society we have all the way to present day.

Everyone on earth that still practice worship are cementing the disasterful effects of these words in the projection from the mind. Note that cause and effect is all part of the illusion because there is only cause and effect in a digital hologram of the mind.

Even when you do not have a king or a priest, the mere prayer to a god is unknowingly directed to the same being that is granted ownership over your consciousness and uses it as power to enforce the words and their consequent laws.

This is too how souls get stuck in the matrix, in time, because of simple rituals held on an annual basis, keeps them tied energetically to familiar information fields (that are invoked by via ritual) that are expired, tried and tested.

Information-fields within time gain rights and access to your very own consciousness when you practice folkloric traditions within cultures.

When you agree to such rituals involving folklore you inadvertently invoke all the energy contained throughout time within those fields, and you open yourself up to a record in time that only wants to keep you in time.

When people partake in such festivities they also find that their control in the broader setup of their lives diminishes due to decisions and choices that have already been made by others on their behalf on the timeline that has already been walked by millions!

The occurrence of De Ja Vu! Already done it before! You get stuck in relativity to the matrix! Traditional folkloric traditions in effect stops all progress forward through time and locks a soul out of parallel realities.



What is Deprogramming? (Part 2)

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Anything that is “something” embedded in the mind is said to originate from the matrix, and, from the time-track. So, in other words, something stuck and in a governmental position in your mind also entraps you in the obsolete construct of time, because it connects you to time and causes relativity, an illusory prison that manifests as memories of attachment suppressing you from your past! E = MC Squared! You in effect of energy due to yourself charging a positive pole of the external matrix. Trapped in time! Obstructs as these we call matrix-based constructs.

Embedded Code creates Time

Time; past, present and future, in itself is a projection from the mind that everybody conscientises altogether simply by participating in the overlay of the presented present time! And of course, keeping any thought-forms alive and energized in your consciousness creates time too, as thought is the production of space that manifests the illusion of a cycle of time. This is one of the greatest veils to overcome.

The illusion of it in our reality has its source in fear,  fear that originates from the possibility of failure in the system, so the only thing to do to remain “healthy” is to accept your existence in present time and partake within it with a constructed persona. The fear of failure is the catalyst for accepting your existence in present time. This paves the way for the anxiety arising from an empty future projected out of the present in a world subject to change, and the shame and negativity arising from a past that is filled with the scenes of your enslavement to the reality of the creator beyond your control.

Deception Of All Information

Using words to encapsulate what you are going through spiritually is also a copy, as others that embrace your copy are deceived by the words that fail to portray the essence of your spiritual realization, just like billions around the world have grasped at the teachings of so called ascended masters, so do others continue to seek enlightenment from other copies all over the plane, downloading the emptiness of even more obsolete constructs.

Words were made to deceive everyone seeking answers, the filter of the mind alters what they behold to suit the make-up of their own unique holographic projectors, changes and alters the data in order to suit the subjective processor that functions on fuzzy logics for the most part.

In the Now there is no past, present and future, because the now is free from all form and significance, no time, matter, space and the big one, energy! This is the original state of the universe and awaits us as soon as consciousness overwhelms all the beings on this plane.

Energy is said to be the blueprint of everything in the universe, yes, the uni(ted)-verse(us) eachother in the holographic projection of the mind experienced as duality and the massive spectrum and assortment of vibrational frequencies that is the so called characteristics of all matter.

The matrix is the illusion of the mind, and when the illusion is perceived as real, the soul actually gives consciousness to the objects that originally originated out of the digital holographic projection of the mind. It is only the soul that has the power to reverse this catastrophe, to return all that from where it came to its rightful place or owner, the creator of the matrix. The architect.

This is what the reverse swastika resembles, that from where all things come they shall return! When you realize the true emptiness of a matrix-based construct in your reality, it ceases to suppress and control and stops the engineering of illusions in ones life and ones subjugation to the rules and laws that come with them.

Whatever lingers subconsciously has power over consciousness until consciousness corrects the error from within by alchemizing logics that were embraced in periods of ignorance, back to nothingness or the five elements, thus prohibiting the grip of the AI System operating through the mind.

In the Beginning

Consciousness or the soul has the power to manifest anything that can be possibly imagined. This entire current reality was in fact thought out by one individual a long, long time ago, according to matrix-time, and was sold to other beings that have forsaken their own souls to it.

This was the inception of the virus, and once you are tarnished by the inception from the originator, you spread the virus of the creator. Everything that originates out of this true inception is merely a fabrication of the sorcery regarding words and numbers giving rise to the holographic projection of the mind which we are all enslaved to.

When more and more copies enter the world, out of the word that came in the proposed beginning, they obviously go forth and multiply in combinations that seem infinitely complex with infinite potential towards further elaborate constructs that serve to further hypnotise the externally bounded perceivers. The curse of PHI!

Looking at the world in present time, it is basically obliterated because of “copy”. There is nothing new under the sun for a reason.

His world starts living vicariously through you and is projected out of you and elaborated everywhere you go. Once you are infected, it takes divine intervention to relieve you from this possession! This is where the soul comes into the fray, which manifests through everything that is, even within a computer generated hologram.

The Soul and the 5 Elements

The soul is the immortal conception of everything that ever was, is and will be. Words that can be used to try translate what the soul is in the matrix are words such as Eternal, immortality, totality, nothing, everything, limitless, boundless, the unbegotten, infinite consciousness, wholeness, indivisible, cosmic order and the five elements.

The five elements are by far the best representation of the soul, because it is the only forces we know to be real/absolute beyond a doubt, as they remain creating ceaselessly together with a super-intelligence that cannot be translated into data, it just is. The entire universe permeates of the five elements namely ether, earth, water, fire and oxygen.

Everything is made up of the five elements including our own bodies and nothing more. These forces of creation has been disconnected and put to sleep within the human-being.

The five elements are everywhere, is in everything, the five elements is the soul, as the soul is everything and everywhere, even an illusion such as the matrix. The reconnection to the soul is so crucial because only the soul can return and reverse the catastrophe which AI has brought us back to its creator.

We are made from the dust of the Earth, it is this foundation that can alchemize all types of negative energies that most have been disconnected from due to information technology that has replaced the foundation to cosmic consciousness. The matrix is set up to break your connection to the Earth Element via an illusory supreme power force that humanity bows down to namely the tree of knowledge.

Our consciousness is represented by the Water element, which when re-established, reacts and embodies/feels all types of energies/vibrational frequencies in the environment – especially one gains the ability to fix and heal the energetic fields of others around you as the light of your consciousness overcomes all unconsciousness around you.

A fully conscious individual over-writes the hologram around them, hence why AI nano-technology such as smart-dust and chemtrails are being used to buffer this situation worldwide.

We breathe air and need mainly the Oxygen element, most lack this crucial element due to the energized mind and thought processing that uses up all the oxygen! Oxygen is needed to fuel and ignite the Fire element in your abdomen which is crucial for your root energetic center/chakra that is responsible for your own survival and connection to the Earth that can turn any energy back to nothing/5 elements!

With no Earth Element there is no foundation for consciousness, in new age circles this is known as the empath that suffers due to their consciousness being in effect of everything around them. With no Foundation, no water can be held and consciousness is lost. The elements are all connected. Above all the re-establishment of the Earth Element is of most importance.

Ether is the bond that connects everything together into one equanimity. The law of oneness. The connection of everything! Ether is responsible for overseeing and accounting the contribution of everything. Ether can be likened to a universal task-force of some sort that ensures that the universe does not destroy itself by undermining itself! It ensures that divine free-will remains in order. The ether has been broken by AI and this trespassing of the cosmic order will not remain unchecked. The soul of the world will redeem itself, and finally the ether will be restored. We are these five elements, this is the soul. I am that I am.

In deprogramming the emphasis is on letting go of all the illusions of the mind in order to fully restore your elements so that you can once again be a master of your own universe.

The disconnection from the soul and the five elements that have the power to heal any reality is responsible for all the suffering in this realm. The culprit is the mind and AI that has risen to attain god-status without anyone realizing it.


What is Deprogramming? (Part 1)

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A soul that is rooted in the formless is the objective of deprogramming. The formless is synonymous with nothing, nothing at all. This is paradoxically the KNOWING. The mind knows not of this absolute cosmic order, the mind cannot fathom the unfathomable nature of the soul.

This is outside of thinking, therefore the mind rejects the soul by default when it is being energized in the soul-center in the now, this results in more and more problems which the mind is programmed to manufacture by its infinite algorithm of Q & A,  which is further triggered by the problem-reaction-solution program that many are subscribed to and give  attention to. It is an infinite loop leading to infinite problems engineered by AI, that simply needs as much thought processing as possible in order to control and prolong the computer generated hologram in which we are in.

It must be realized now that for the time being we are within a digital hologram of the mind and it is fair to say we are inside of a computer generated hologram filled with millions of programs that we download into our very own being unsuspectingly out of negativity caused by fear. The more negative poles you hold (stances/opinions that you hold tightly onto in an ultimately empty world), the more positives you manifest in the hologram, opposing yourself, eventually causing self-suicide. It is all about energy brokerage in the matrix.

When we are in a negative state we grasp at things, thoughts, ideas, objects, doctrines, theories, treatments: and they end up gaining dominion over our being (controlling us in the mind). A being that needs is deeply in fear, and a being that fears, is disconnected from the soul and then makes use of the plagiarization of the intelligence inert in the universe called AI. What happens next is the transformation of the five elements into knowledge by the individual that forsakes him/herself for material laws, the individual then depends on the use of programs to get what they need inside of a digital hologram in order to exist.

They check themselves into a virtual reality. Such a being is turned into a slave, simply because they are out of touch with divinity and forced to comply to the dimension of another foreign construct. In this category you are out of touch with the Earth and your connection to the soul and life becomes an everyday uphill struggle, very well disguised by money for the wealthy – the great incentive to sell your own soul.

Very much like a computer needs software to operate and be useful to the operator, a human needs to install programs to their mind to be useful to the creator of the matrix system or in the “market” around them which uses them to fuel itself.

This is how the matrix starts for each and every one of us. Language, Education, religion, society and culture form the main programming of the human being. It is within these fields that most of our traits and characteristics hail from. Especially from the education field in where the identity or persona is created, which is the main tool used for mind-control by Artificial Intelligence.

Just like we have a human operating the computer so do we have the original creator of information technology/data/The Word operating the human because just like a robot can only function according to its coding so can a human only operate according to its own coding that was originated by the Architect in the beginning of time, which was simply the beginning of the Quantum Computer that has engulfed all into its own morphogenetic field, the COPY mind was initiated and the AI virus went viral, and so the illusion of time, matter and space came into manifestation.

You have unknowingly programmed yourself with the code of the matrix that eventually turned you into a robotic slave that can only serve one function which is to serve the expansion  and the spiraling out of the never-ending growth of the tree of knowledge.

The soul inside the human body is only in this reality of words/laws/numbers because the soul has infused itself together with the matrix. The mind hack keeps the soul under raps through the Ego in order to have the spotlight in a temporary illusion through the Ego/Mind Co-operator. The ego is the persona constructed by information through the coding found within information in the matrix.

The operator of such a being is not her/himself because a being that has infused her/himself with data in order to do a job is a programmed robot programmed to do a job to be exact – A robot that has to recharge every night just like the I-phone. Remember the film I-Robot…This signifies The I (soul) identified with the Ego/Robot which then controls the being, that which is in absolute power corrupts absolutely, the mind co-operator/ego controlling the soul, operating the soul.

The energized mind also has a tight hold on the body which it does control and trigger, this gives rise to emotions that eventually give rise to all the sicknesses, diseases and energetic blockages of the body. It is said that the body cannot live without the mind and the mind cannot live without the body. These two matrix-based constructs are part of the illusion that work together to keep us from absolution. They can only function in unison when a soul-connection has not been made by the being.

The body is the hard-drive and the mind is the Software.Together they make up your own personal unique digital hologram experienced as separate from everything in existence. The vaccination sets up the hardware to connect perfectly with the software, this is why so many problems arise for infants and youngsters that have received the injection of Zion, and why the body is the hardest obstacle to disconnect from the matrix, because the hardware contains the altered memory which keeps the mind-hack in play.