Looking for somebody outside of the matrix to talk to, feeling bottled up or emotionally tied up? Are you in the middle of an awakening experience and nobody understands a word you are saying? Would you like to express what is happening to you spiritually to the utmost degrees? Would you like to regain the KNOWING? Do you want to take the steps to reconnect to your soul?

If you find yourself in an area full of mind-controlled humanoids, a spiritual friend can make a big difference to your own well-being, we all need someone to reflect our pure divinity off of, we all need a mirror to check our progress spiritually.

Arno is offering this service to those that still find themselves in the midst of the matrix and difficult working conditions, in environments wherein there are no conscious people to actively talk to. It does make a massive difference to just express the depths of your current experience with a medium that can point you in the right direction.

Arno is a certified conversation teacher, and is well equipped to fire up a spiritual conversation. The art of conversation is listening, and this is what I am here for, to aid you in your expansion and expression of that which is happening to you, aiding yourself towards a state of higher clarification.

If you would like to start having sessions over skype, to get everything out of you that needs expression in the presence of a matrix specialist and expert in the fields of higher knowledge, please contact Arno on the following E-mail address to book a session over skype :