Tailored Nature Excursions

If you are somebody looking for an above ordinary experience to the usual getaway trip into the natural environment, then you may be interested in tailored nature excursions, especially suited to your individual or group needs.

Everyone that visits nature does so for their own reasons, most only want to experience the calm and relaxing environment away, out of the hustle and bustle. There are many practices one can utilize in the “bush” to make a deeper connection with the soul of the Earth.

In more scientific terms, there is an energy-field that the Earth gives off, within her naked unspoiled environment emanating a harmonic frequency that fixes and balances out all the in-harmonics caused in the human body out of a cultured society.

Grounding exercises are crucial and naturally healing to your well-being, as has been proven by the phenomena called EARTHING.

Rooting, centering and grounding the physical body is a forgotten practice that the ancients were well aware of and partook in on a regular basis, for most of their entire lifestyle revolved side-by-side with the elements of nature. There is something about the elements which allows one to enter a different state of consciousness, whether it be fire, earth, water or air, when attention and focus is placed anyhow on these natural forces of creation one enters an altered state of consciousness unmatched by any conventional new-age methods.

If you are interested in hiring a private escort or guide to accompany or host you to any natural destination within Cape Town, you may contact Arno Pienaar on the E:mail address at the bottom of this page.

I see many people not making the most use of what the natural environment has to teach them, spiritually. Each and every part of the ecosystem has a valuable message, and when one immerses the self into this natural symphony, the significance of an individual reality outside of the perfect whole fades to ashes.

To see the range of tailored activities available for those who are interested in partaking in “UNPLUGGING TOURS”, please see the page UNPLUGGING, where you can choose your personal preferences, and notify myself via E-mail what you prefer during your excursion.

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